30 November 2006

Rant: Before noon...

..all bets are off. Allow me to explain.

This morning I planned to bring breakfast in to lab, because I'm a nice person -- and because I canceled a meeting on short notice, and just needed to appease my fellow coworkers. Unfortunately, a tragic incident (I forgot eggs at the grocery store) made it necessary to buy breakfast rather than bake it, which is why I was running through the door of the Superfresh fifteen minutes before my bus was due, trying to pick up some delicious baked goods.

Needless to say, I was suffering from a critical lack of caffeine at this point.

I located the coffee cake in record time and with minimal incident, ran through the self checkout, and barreled out the doors -- which, as they were closing behind me, didn't prevent me from hearing one of the employees (there was like, one other shopper there, and he was no where in sight) comment: "Good MORN-ing."

Now let me make clear, I am not a morning person. I never have been a morning person. In all likelihood, I never will be a morning person. Best Friend and Roomie has been witness to the fact that I regularly pummel my alarm clock into submission via the snooze button over at least an hour. When I get up, I look like I've just gotten up -- I rarely do my hair or put on make up for work because I don't see the point, and I tend to walk around in a fog until I at least smell coffee. I am not my chipper wakeful self; however, I'm not rude. I say good morning to the neighbors if I see them. If I interact with someone, like the Dunkin Donuts Coffee Ladies, I smile, say thank you, etc, even the mornings when they put cream in my coffee instead of milk. Whatever. All is good. Like Sage Coworker says, anything productive that happens before twelve is merely a fluke.

I am not, under any way, obligated to say good morning to some stranger sitting on her butt several checkout lanes down, with whom I've had no reason to interact in the forty-six-point-five seconds I was actually in the store. I don't care if it's a beautiful morning outside. I don't even care if it's not all that early, like quarter to nine in the morning. I'm sleepy, and everyone with an attitude better get out of my way. Or at least, be armed with an extra 20-oz regular.

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