24 April 2007

Prodigal daughter. Or something like that.

The nice thing about a blog is, when I neglect it, it doesn't bug me. It doesn't complain that I don't call, write, or email. It doesn't nag about how we never do anything any more, or about how I didn't even notice it's new shoes. Or whatever.

So, in appreciation of how GradAdventures is still here, unvisited, unused, and taking up its own measure of space on the 'internets' I might just give it another go.

I'm back from vacation (see posts to come) and back to work, with my proposal due on Monday and my qualifying exam set for May 15. Last year, 5 our of 6 people failed.

I don't like failing.

Hopefully, it's not too late to make up for a year that was lacking in motivation. Who needs sleep? I just slept more than twelve hours a day for a week. God, it was great.

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