27 May 2007

Waking up...

Halfway through a mug of coffee with breakfast (a cupcake! Shhh.) in my stomach, I'm finally starting to come awake. Bright light is now more than a haze, it's something clearer now, illuminating the long list of things I have to do today before I can finally crawl into bed. Like most days, a third that list will go neglected, either from circumstance or an indulgence of laziness.

Most of it will keep.

There's a sharp corner pressing uncomfortably into my elbow, which I recognize as the edge of my desk, and a timer is going off with a rhythmic beeping that's actually preferable to that annoying new Avril Lavigne song (brought to me by AccuRadio). Groggy, my eyes fix on the neon pink postit elevated like a flag over the top of my flatscreen monitor. I'm supposed to email Donna, but I have no idea who she is or what the email is to reference.

It's just another fluorescent morning, brought to you with a flick of a switch.

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