22 December 2005

Happy Holidays!

Ok, I'm recovered!


I still can't talk, and I have a cold. But it's far better than strep, which seems to now be circulating among the kids who were on the trip. What fun!

In any case... a few weeks ago I posted about how my Christmas shopping was almost done -- a fairly optimistic view. Unfortunately, it was about as accurate as the intelligence that Bush cited on the presence of WMDs. This year.. like every year... I managed to forget a few key things to people's presents, and remembered now, three days before the big day. Ok, two. We do our presents on Christmas eve. So, like everyone else who leaves things to the last minute, I got into the car (Lawnmower drove... sucker.) and headed to the mall.

Interestingly, before we'd gone even fifty feet into the mall, Lawnmower and I managed to run into a bunch of people we knew. One of them (this is actually kinda sad) was my brother, who I hadn't yet seen since he flew in Tuesday night. At least we weren't alone. However, aside from these cool people (cool = not afraid to establish direct eye contact), people were jerks. Evidently the Holiday Spirit takes a back seat during the holiday rush for that last Polly Prissy Pants Doll who laughs and sleeps and cries and shits herself is on the line.

On the bright side, I got a chuckle at Border's when the woman behind me got onto her cell phone and asked her friend if her kids had seen that new movie "Narina"...

I love the holidays.


Dirk the Feeble said...

Wait, making eye contact makes a person cool? I'm always told that just makes a person creepy . . .

Atalanta said...

Guess I could have stated that one better.