13 December 2005

Playing hooky

So, I totally blew off class today.

Well, not totally. It was more like I realized by the time I got there and parked, class would be over. So I stayed home and got some studying done. It wasn't a total waste.

On the bright side, I got to have lunch with Lawnmower. There's this great Afghan (Afghani?)-ish restaurant a few blocks away, so I headed over there and picked up food. It was the first time I'd actually been there, we usually get takeout, and it was pretty busy. They packed a bunch of tables into this tiny room, which makes navigating a little hard. When I got in line behind this older couple, I ended up being in the woman's way while she was trying to fill her drinks from the soda fountain. I really could have moved, if her husband had followed her, but he just kinda stood there while she shuffled past me:

Her: "Oh excuse me."

Me: "No, my fault. Go ahead."

Her: "Excuse me dear."

Me: "It's ok."

Her: "Oh I'm so clumsy. You must be so embarrassed."

Me: "Riigggght."



Deshaun said...

Damn I hate crowded restaurants!

A Afghan restaurant?! Never tried that before. So how's the food?

Lisa said...

Why would YOU be embarassed? People are weird.

mrshife said...

How is Afghani food?

Atalanta said...

Lisa -- I know

deshaun and mrshife -- In terms of authenticity, I'm sure it's about as close to real afghani food as our chinese takeout is to chinese cuisine.... but it's pretty good. Kababs (Kebabs?) and some stew stuff, and this spicy chicken that was good... Mmmm... ;)