14 December 2005

Setting out..

This weekend, Scribbles is taking Half Dozen, the Teach, and I to coach a travel swim meet in Virginia. I was looking forward to it as a chance to see the University's facility -- it's supposed to be amazing -- and also as a chance to coach kids I might not normally see, and meet people on the deck. The plan is for me and the Teach to take the second bus... forty children and a few parents... down tomorrow evening, which means I'll pack up the car and head from class. So far we've been extremely organized -- team Mom has got all the info together, handed it to us today; we've talked, planned; we're excited, we like hanging out with kids. So all's good, right?

Before a big meet, swimmers generally taper. That means they cut back their yardage, do a lot of drill work and easier sets, to get their body rested for the few days before the meet. That also means that kids who are normally dragging themselves home at the end of the night are no longer tired after practice. That means... they are bouncing off the walls with extra energy.

Forecasters this fall predicted that a harsh hurricane season would mean a nasty winter. "Ha!" I thought, "I laugh at winter!" Winter may laugh back, because a 'wintry mix' is predicted for a few hours before we leave. This could yeild several potential results:
1) The kids want to get out of school early (and just might, given the county's record), thus prolonging their already extended weekend.
2) Traffic driving through Northern VA will be a nightmare. Even if it's just rain.
3) Traffic driving from my class will be a nightmare. Even if it's just rain.

So basically, the Teach and I are going to spend Thursday evening transporting a bunch of 9-12 year olds an hour away from their parents, in a snow storm, after a week or so that they had to build up all kinds of extra energy. Oh, and I have been titled the 'food nazi' for the weekend and am one of the few powers separating them from fried foods, soda, and desserts when we take them to health-conscious places such as... oh.... The Old Country Buffet.

It should at least be entertaining. I'll post about it on my return, assuming the twitch doesn't get in the way of things.

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