02 December 2005

Why I love Alton Brown

Got this link, Tome Cruise is Nuts from Here I Am the other day. On it, was this letter to Tom Cruise...:

"Dear Tom Cruise,
Your lack of belief in the existence of clinical depression tells me one thing: you didn’t spend $10. to see War Of The Worlds. If vitamins can possibly help me out of this spiraling funk, please let me know which ones. Dinos? Pebbles? Freds? Please, I’m crying out for help."
- Alton Brown, Food Network host of Good Eats and Iron Chef America


Hannah said...

Heh - fabulous! Sadly, the kid won't stand a chance...

Lisa said...

HA HA HA I love it!

Deshaun said...

Funny stuff!!
Why is everyone ganging up on tom?! :-)