09 May 2005

Happy Orgasm Day

And you thought today was just another normal day....

Brazilian city approves annual Orgasm Day

A city in Brazil has approved an annual Orgasm Day.

The 35,000 people in Esperantina will be asked to work harder to achieve sexual satisfaction each May 9.

The new law was passed by the council despite the objections of the city's Mayor, who says it is pornographic.

It is the idea of Councillor Arimateia Dantas, who says he has personal motivation after losing out in love because of premature ejaculation.

He said: "My ex-partner was very hot, but she took such a time to reach the orgasm that I couldn't wait for her."

He undertook a research survey among Esperantina's sexually active women and found only 28% enjoyed orgasms every time they have sex.

The Mayor, Jose Inaldo Franco, is against Orgasm Day. He told the Jornal do Brasil newspaper: "I am ashamed of this pornographic project."

If you're wondering exactly how you should observe such an important holiday, then this is the wrong webpage for you. BUT thanks to the people at madblast.com you can send your friends an orgasm ! In addition, you can calculatehow many calories are burned during sex.

So Happy Orgasm day! Now get out there and celebrate. :-O

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