20 September 2005


So, tonight was Italian, part due, which was actually just as much fun, and a little less frustrating than the first night. Because Lawnmower couldn't get into the class, she and I spent some time this afternoon practicing things like the alphabet (alfabeto) and numbers (numeri). All in all, it went something like this..

Me: "Ok, let's go through the numbers in the book over thirty. Ready? Trenta."

Lawnmower: "Trenta"

Me: "Quaranta"

Lawnmower: "Quaranta"

Me: "Cinquanta"

Lawnmower: "Chinquanta"

Me: "Sessanta."

Lawnmower: "Sessanta... like, Sessanta Anna?"

Me: "Settanta"

Lawnmower: "Settanta.. Like, Settanta Clause?"

At that point, we pretty much gave in to ADD and got absolutely nothing done. But it was nice to hang out.

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