29 September 2005

Getting colder

I put on a sweater today expecting to be warm, and I was freezing -- I guess the flip-flops I had on while I was waiting for the bus didn't exactly help. I just now seem to be realizing that it's almost October.

I think I've just been having a wierd time the last few days, maybe it's that I'm realizing how much more quickly time is going by. I never noticed before, but now I look back and September is gone. What's more, I can't shake this feeling that life is slipping by a little too fast, maybe even go so far as to say it's slipping away from me.

It's not a feeling I enjoy.


Jill said...

Been thinking along those lines myself. Been saying want cooler weather here, then wonder how many more I'll have. Sometimes it seems just yesterday that we moved to Houston, yesterday is now almost 6 years. Where does it go?

Evil-Jesus said...

Ugh, it only goes faster and faster as you get older.

Years fly by so fast now it really bother me sometimes.

Joe Yoshimura said...

Merri Xmas and Happy New Year!