03 October 2005

Lawnmower vs. The Mighty Momo

So a few weeks ago, Lawnmower and I went out with a friend of mine I'd known for years, who's now moved to Boston. Just before eighty long minutes of historically accurate Disney (friend's sister picked it out), we decided to meet for dinner in the mall. Imagine our surprise when we got to the pizzaria and saw their featured drink:

(Momo: one of my four-lettered nicknames)
(Mighty: an adjective commonly used to describe me, along with awesome, beautiful, and goddess)

Now this fit in rather nicely with our strategy to get relaxed (liquored up) just before enjoying (getting through) the movie. Having had my own Tequila Death experience, I was happy with saying "Oh how cool" and ordering myself a beer. Unbeknownst to me (it was a big table, ok?) Lawnmower ordered up her own Momo, some how missing several facts:

  • A margarita is easier to drink on the rocks, rather than frozen. (in my opinion)

  • The waitress asked, 'Are you sure?' when Lawnmower ordered the drink

  • The drink came with a warning label:

Can't quite read that? In our booze-ordering frenzy, neither could we. Let me enlarge the relevant portion:

Seem blurry? Imagine the view after the drink. It was when the concoction arrived that we discovered it was actually served in a trough. Observe with Lawnmower for scale:

They even put little animals on the rim, so by the time you've reached the end of the drink and the start of the drunken-asshole stage, you can introduce your own choking hazards. Between Lawnmower, myself (tequila makes me vomit), and friend's sister (not a drinker) we only made it about this far:

Shameful I know. But doesn't it look scary up close? In any case, next time we go, we (and by we I mean Lawnmower) will be better prepared for the task. We (and by we I mean Lawnmower) will be trained up to take the Mighty Momo Challenge...

And even if we fail, at least the crappy ass movie we're supposed to see will be infinitely better.

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