19 October 2005

Round One

Well, I just finished both exams. I felt ok about Stat, but not so great about Pathology. It could have something to do with when I turned to the long answer questions, and saw this:

31. What is the meaning of Life and Death?


On a more humorous note, I ran into Alias in the computer lab just before the test, where I was blog surfing (I reached my breaking point with the studying around 12:15) and she was cramming in last-minute knowledge. She started updating me on some drama that's been going on in her lab, and was finishing up a story about a woman she works and a now-medical student who used to work in the lab. It wasn't a bad story, just about how the med student hated this woman apparently, but Alias never knew. In any case, just as we turned the corner, we saw the woman Alias works with standing by the elevator. Alias was a little surprised, but played it off well -- until the med student walked past us and to the next hallway (she was behind us I guess). The perfect situation of what can happen when you talk about people -- at least the story didn't really make Alias look bad.

Anyway, I'm going to go home and crawl into bed until Lost. Happy hump day everyone, go have some fun!


Dirk the Feeble said...

Well did she keep talking bad about the person? If she didn't, what's the point? They can't improve themselves as human beings if she doesn't offer constructive criticism.

Atalanta said...

It wasn't so much that she was talking bad about that person. The story was that this former coworker had been sending emails out about how she routinely put this other woman in her place -- which Alias said never happened. Really, the situation was just one of those wierd ones.. running into the two subjects of the story, it was.. ironic. I don't know, I think Alias was embarrassed, it just made us laugh.

I guess the talking about people is a hazard of the workplace..

Lisa said...

What is the meaning of life and death? I say chocolate brownies!