05 October 2005

Oktoberfest at the Renaissance festival

This past weekend, we went to the RenFest to celebrate Scribble's birthday, and it was all that it was last year -- an afternoon to eat and drink all we wanted, and an evening to regret it. But it was a beautiful day, the shows were funny (Hack and Slash, and Johnny Fox), and the beer and food were very cheap.

I was also surprised at the selection. Sure, there were the traditional smoked turkey legs and steak on a stake, but you could also get real, authentic, Renaissance chicken fajitas! We also enjoyed the Renaissance Oysters on the Half Shell (Renaissance and Oysters being two words that don't really belong in the same sentence). Somehow, sushi and fondue didn't make it on the menu. Lawnmower threw some axes and shot arrows, and Sideshow gave some serious thought to "body art." We found a sword that was taller than the Teach, as well as tons of the latest (earliest?) renaissance fashions, including a chio chainmail tie (nothing says classy like iron neckwear) and chainmail g-strings (the automatic cure for dry-humping).

Though it's been so try we ended up inhaling about a pound of dirt, good fun was had by all. Maybe next year, we'll make it for Pirate Weekend.

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