15 October 2005

Nasty Hobbitses

Well, Evee (second roomie) and I are pretty much in shock. One of my bosses in my part time job just got 'asked to leave the company.' He told us at Happy Hour today, and I really feel for him. The whole thing is ridiculous. Even people like Half-dozen (who's been around for years and seen all kinds of stupid shit in our place of employment) were shocked.

This guy hired me when I was 15 to the company. It's impossible for most of us to imagine the place without him, just from what he did that we could see.. all the training, staffing, etc. And then there's all the stuff he does that no one else can do. Poor Evee is going to have a hard time -- everyone in the office is.

Apparently this has been coming for a while, with an internal investigation into 'improving the efficiency' of the department. It's just a shame they chose to fire the guy who makes decisions and cares about the staff, rather than his boss, who is wishy-washy about a lot of the issues that come through, but has a better 'people' personality.

I hope he finds another job soon, and I hope they really appreciate what he does. Things'll certainly be different now. A whole bunch of us are due for certs that they may make us pay for, which at least for me will mean an end to teaching lifeguarding after 4 years. Though it doesn't surprise me, it bothers me, that a sleezy VP (I've met Veep many many times, and I swear he's the skeezy version of Bilbo Baggins; we call him 'The Hobbit') with no sense of how things actually work could make such a short-sighted decision..

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