23 October 2005

The stupidest thing I have ever heard.... today.

This morning, I turned on my TV, and I was doing the channel jumping thing. I hit CNN just as they were airing/laughing about an SNL spoof on their storm coverage. I guess they were genuinely laughing, who knows. But in any case, they switched to the storm watch guy, who said ("laughing"):

"We're out there trying to save lives, and this just doesn't make it easier."
That is officially the stupidest thing I have heard, today. My day hasn't even started, and I know that I will not hear anything more inaccurate or ridiculous for the next fifteen hours.

No one who has ever watched a news broacast, particularly from an area of disaster could honestly believe the reporters are here to help. They're there to get a story. Maybe win a prize for their ability to report on the horrific event without smiling at their good fortune for being in the 'right place at the right time.' (Edward R Murrow award, here I come!)

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mrshife said...

Jon Stewart had a field day about this on the Daily Show. He especially ridiculed the lady from the Today show who is in the photo on your blog.