10 October 2005

35040 Hours

...give or take a few. Very few things are still as good after that long, among them being...

Good wine
Your favorite book
McDonald's fries (..they look the same...)
Me and Sideshow

That's right, four years ago today I started dating a wonderful man who:

Is thoughtful, intelligent, honest, and caring
Tolerates my caffeine highs and study lows
Supports me in everything I try to do
Makes even bad days better just being there
Is a great cook (Mmm, ribs)
Takes pride in what he does
Isn't afraid to take risks
Knows me better than anyone
Has great taste in puppy dogs
Values his family and friendships highly
Poses with me in front of fountains on our vacations
Helps with yardwork so I don't lose a limb to the chainsaw
Loves sushi
Laughs at my dad's jokes
Is very creative
Speaks his mind
Can do almost anything he sets his mind to
Has a great sense of humor
Shares tons of common interests
Can quote Futurama or Family guy on command
Has always been there when I needed him

Happy Anniversary honey, thanks for always giving me a reason to smile. :)


Sideshow said...

I can also make balloon animals out of my poop.

Atalanta said...

It's important to have a life skill :P

Evil-Jesus said...


jeff said...

*gags again*