06 September 2005


Ok, so I picked up on this story from Evil Jesus' blog, which came from a blog called the Kung Fu Monkey which cited an article that was published in the Post about a month ago. Sad thing is, I actually read the post, and somehow I missed it. Or, I read it, and my brain promptly induced an aneurism in its attempt to block out the information. The article, entitled Bush Remarks On 'Intelligent Design' Theory Fuel Debate is just one more example of how ridiculously right the government is getting.

The gist of the article is that Bush is promoting an alternative theory to evolution, which he terms 'Intelligent Design.' No, the Federal government shouldn't be involved in planning out our children's educations, but HE thinks that children need to hear what in my opinion (and yes, I have listened to Creationists talk about their theory) is at best pseudo-science fiction, and at worst religious propoganda. Seriously, this is a man who stumbles over his words and uses 'strategery' in an actual sentence -- he clearly should know what's best for education. Is that what you get from an ivy league University?

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