29 November 2005

"Aw, I made myself sad..."

Firefox crashed after I wrote a whole big long post. :(

Ah well.

Maybe I'll re-write it tomorrow.

Bonus points to anyone who knows who said the quote in the title of this post!!!


Sideshow said...

Hahahahaha...you suck.

Oh, wait you're serious. Let me laugh even harder.

The answer is: Bender Bending Rodriguez.

Victory is mine, now bite my glorious golden ass.

jeff said...

oh kiss my shiny metal ass.

Atalanta said...

You win!

Deshaun said...

Oh no!! Don't use your browser to write a long post!
Get a blogging app(like 'Blogjet') for that... its easy to save as you go.

The same thing has happen to me so many damn times, its not even funny!

Oh yeah, Blogjet's not freeware, but there are ways around that! *evil grin*

Ty Tessitore said...

Stop blogging right now!