17 November 2005

Yeah, I know...

So, I've been trying to refrain from posting about Lost (which is awesome) since that first one, but something's been bothering me and I'm hoping other viewers might be able to come up with a more creative idea. Here's the question:

Why does Goodwin have shoes?

Every time I've 'seen' the Others (I missed the first season,so maybe this generalization doesn't hold up) they don't have shoes on. In fact, I think it was Ecco (sp?) that says he can't track them because they don't leave footprints. BUT, from what I can tell of the taped episode last night, he's got 'em on.

Is he the only Other with shoes?

Did they take them off -after- the plane crash to avoid detection?

Why is this bugging me so much? :P

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