01 November 2005

Happy Halloween!

Yeah, so I'm a day late. Life got away from me a little bit this weekend.

This holiday was pretty quiet for me. We went out over the weekend, but last night the Teach stayed home to give out candy while me and Evee went and helped teach a guard class with Scoot, Serp, and the Sailor. The class was ok -- small, and there's definitely one or two kids that don't seemt to care. Maybe the rule about test out* will still apply this year. On the way out of class, Evee experienced a drive-by egging, though they pretty much missed her and her car and hit Scoot's instead. They threw like a bunch of girls. (Actually... it was a car full of girls. Stupid bitches.)

Saturday we went to a wedding for a girl I've known for a good ten years. It's going to be wierd to call her by her new name, but the wedding was fun, and the reception dinner was excellent. Unfortunately, Sideshow and I hit an Uno's during the three-hour gap between wedding and reception, and the greasy food had one of us feeling pretty poor. After the wedding, we went into DC to visit Sideshow's sister (nickname pending for when I'm more creative), and then eventually headed home to get some rest before working on his place the next day.

Long weekend.

Plans for a Ladies' Night are starting to go into effect, maybe at some point I'll have some details and photos to throw up here.

*when I started, the 'rule' was that if an instructor gave a student a bloody nose (ie, caught the guard not doing something like protecting their face in a rear rescue) the Sailor would buy them a sixpack. I've never actually seen this put into effect.

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