08 November 2005

Old Theme Songs and Shitty Relatives

Today I skipped swimming and headed over to finish some painting that needed to be done. I was about halfway done tha bathroom, trying to keep myself entertained, when I got a song stuck in my head. The theme song to Green Acres. How random is that?

After I was done, I headed up to the Exxon to get some cash for parking. While I was at the ATM, I heard this guy telling a cashier a story -- I missed whether he just heard it, or if it was someone he knew that was involved with this. In any case, the tale was about this woman who went to the convenience store to pick up some things for her mother-in-law, and used her mother-in-law's credit card to make the purchase. Included in that purchase was a winning lottery ticket for some insane amount, which the woman claimed.

The mother-in-law reported the card as stolen and the charge fraudulent, thinking she would receive all the money. The result? No one got the money. How awkward would family gatherings be after that?

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