21 November 2005

Pathology, Round II

Well, we just had the second exam, and I'm tired. I studied hard, but not as well as I could have, and I didn't think it was a good sign to start when a classmate of mine walked in with a funny look on his face.

Me: "Hey, you ok?"

Him: "I just saw [The Mumbler] by the elevators, going down, and he asked what I was doing here."

Me: "Huh?"

Him: "Well, I told him I was here for the exam."

Me: "Is it not today? It's totally today."

Him: "No it is. He said it was at one o'clock."

Me: "Did you tell him his email said twelve?"

Him: "Yeah. He said he'd be right back."

The email to which I'm referring is one that the Mumbler sent out Friday night. After two days of messages, emails, and attempted visits by Alias, she finally managed to corner him at a party on Friday and remind him that we were still missing some information. You know, like where the exam was... when it was... that sort of thing. Nothing important. He was kind enough to send out the information then, along with a notice that all his questions would be taken from the book. Including the second half of the class, which he didn't teach, that was taught by a guy who told us all the questions would be from the notes, and we didn't have to worry about the details.

So, I spent all weekend worrying about the details.

Now I'm just tired. But I'm glad it's done. No more bullshit exams from this guy, he's only writing the histology part of the final -- and since we've all (literally) failed those sections in the last two exams, I'm not too stressed about that.

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