18 March 2006

I know the liver can regenerate....

...but after studying pathology and histology, I'm cringing a little thinking about what it must look at the moment. I think my body hates me, with pretty good reason -- I haven't exactly been kind to it the last few days. We did, however, survive Kegs and Eggs, though I am now abstaining from all beer and (ugh) liquor. For a long, long time. The day went something like this...

4:45a -- It finally registers that my alarm is going off, and I manage to peel myself out from under my heating blanket, stumble around the house in such away that I manage to fall into clothes, and drive the Drunk J's house. CareBear, her old roommate, and Crustacean, a mutual friend of ours, are also meeting there.

5:30a -- Crustacean's running late.

5:50a -- We leave for DC. It's way early. I hate mornings.

6:40a -- Arrival. Drunk J and Crustacean drop me and Carebear off to wait in line, which has now stretched about five blocks. It's about 40 degrees outside. They park the car and return with coffee. Mmm, caffeine.

7:15a -- We eat the breakfast bars we brought with us, understanding that Kegs and Eggs does not actually involve eggs. Probably for the best. And probably the only smart thing I did that day.

8:00a -- the doors to the club open, but we're still way far off. Someone busts out a ball and the crowd spends some time throwing it into trees and into traffic.

9:30a -- The club reaches capacity. We're still outside, but close enough to hear OAR.

10:00a -- Carbonleaf sounds great. Even from outside the club. By now, we're close enough to spit and hit the door. I'm entertained by the drunken asshole who keeps trying to push his way past the gigantic bouncers. What a tool.

10:30a -- Victory is ours! We make it in time to see Soul Asylum. To make up for lost time, we start ordering two at a time.

11:30a -- Bands are done, we move to the dance area upstairs. I let someone buy me a shot, and another round.

11:50a -- More shots. More beer.

After this point, I'm sure it was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I can't tell you about it. I'm sure I liberally embarrassed myself, and it worries me a lot that those few hours are gone -- all I know is it involved a lot of puking, and a scrape on my elbow. :( I'm finally starting to feel like myself again this afternoon.

And next St Patrick's day.... I'm going to take it a lot easier.

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