17 March 2006

Kiss me, I'm Irish!

Happy St Patrick's day! With any luck, I'm drinking away my frostbite at Kegs and Eggs, listening to Soul Asylum, OAR, and Carbonleaf. With luck, pictures will be had this weekend! While I'm recovering, here's a link for your reading pleasure...

For St. Patrick's Day, wine with Irish spirit

By Jon Bonné

St. Patrick’s Day arrives shortly, time to toast the luck of the Irish and the joys of Celtic heritage with a glass of … wine.

And why not? True, Ireland has a reputation for appreciating a proper pint of stout or a dram of whiskey. But Irish émigrés have played a pivotal role in the world’s wine trade since the early 1700s, decades before young Arthur Guinness signed a lease on a certain Dublin brewery....

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Mrs. LeBlanc said...

I didn't know Kegs and Eggs was a thing done outside of Texas! That rules. Nothing like washing a sausage and egg burrito down with a frosty beer at 9 o'clock in the morning. :)