19 March 2006

Lessons learned

My junior year of high school, I snuck out to a party after telling my parents I'd be at So-and-so's house. The next morning I got up to go to work, and on the driver's seat of the car was a note from my mom. I'm very disappointed was all it said. My mother has been through a lot of shit, raising six kids, and she's one tough lady. Though our relationship was way better than the ones between most of my friends and *their* mothers, we did get into arguments from time to time over things that I now know I was entirely wrong about.

But this was far worse than any yelling/lecture/grounding/etc.

Maybe it was my first 'adult' lesson. I never snuck out like that again, but I also never forgot how I felt when I saw that piece of paper. Realizing the disappointment of someone you love and respect is quite possibly the most awful feeling in the world. All of a sudden, every conceivable excuse I wanted to make for my behavior seemed pointless -- instead, all I could do was hope she'd look past it.. which of course she did.. and pray I'd never have to experience anything like that again.


Lisa said...

What a good mom.

Teach said...

Mom O'Donnell rocks!