06 March 2006

Seventy-one degrees farenheit...

...is supposedly the temperature at which moderate hypothermia sets in. Tonight, I spent two hours in a pool that was seventy-four, teaching guard class. I'm still cold -- thankfully I have Slanket. And coffee. Now I can just sit back and wait for my body to heap on the punishment for subjecting it to such unpleasant conditions.

On the bright side, I swam in a meet this weekend with Master's swimming. I used to swim in high school, and got out of it in college in favor for rugby. This year, between labs when I had time on my hands, I got back into it and started swimming three or four times a week. I love it, and I feel great -- after I got over the fact that most of the women in the group, many of which are twice my age, can kick my ass. Swimming is mostly about getting into shape for me, I hate stressing about times and places and all that.. but the meet seemed like a good opportunity to hang out with some people from the group. So, for the first time in probably six or seven years, I actually raced.

My times weren't anything impressive, and I placed really well just based on the fact there were only two women in my age bracket there the whole weekend. And I had fun. The race I was most proud of was the 400 IM, which was my goal to swim. A hundred fly, back, breast, and free. It was awful, but I finished it under my goal time, and didn't DQ.

I think I can do it faster next time.

Aside from that, it was an interesting meet. There were people in their nineties there, swimming races, and while they didn't move particularly quickly I think it's amazing they were there. I hope I'm doing that when I'm ninety. I liked the laid-back atmosphere of the meet. Someone actually asked, when we stepped up for an event, 'This is the 50 freestyle, right?' No stress, people who know how to laugh at each other and themselves.. this is the kind of sport I can enjoy.


Hannah said...

Seventy four?! You're mad! (And I'm British - we work in Centigrade - and I can practically feel the chill from here...)

Mrs. LeBlanc said...

I was never a good swimmer, but I love doing it to workout.

But damn! I hope I'm swimming when I ninety! (Actually, I hope I'm doing ANYTHING when I'm ninety.)

Love your blog, BTW. Mind if I link you on mine?

Atalanta said...

Hannah -- I didn't have too much of a choice. :\ Fortunately, my lips are no longer blue.

Polly -- Please! You're added as well. :)