31 March 2006


My room is a disaster. Literally. Aid from FEMA should be pouring in sometime next week. :\ In the mean time, I decided before I went to sleep tonight that I'd do some cleaning and laundry. What resulted was an all-out war on my little ten by ten space.

Sadly, I think the room won, by way of a well-placed glass trinket that fell and broke into a bunch of peices, one of which managed to defy all laws of gravity and travel three or four feet to stick in my sandal. Now it's in my skin.

On the upside, we have an awesome first aid kit (though for some reason there are like, fifty 'flexible knuckle bandages' and two real bandaids). Kudos to the roomies.


Dirk the Feeble said...

My house also has too many knuckle band-aids. I don't think I've ever used one, which might explain why we have tons I suppose.

Lisa said...

What's up with knuckle band-aids. I think that's all we have.

My room is starting to devour stuff. Probably not setting a good example for the kids! (Do as I say, not as I *don't* do!)

Mrs. LeBlanc said...

My ENTIRE HOUSE looks like how your room sounds. I know it's spring cleaning time and all that, but dammit if I'm not just sick of that thought.

Scrubbing baseboards? Cleaning out closets? Is this really how I wanna spend the first week of April?